Richberry freeze dried Miracle Berry pack of 10 halves

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✔️ NATURALLY SWEETENS SOUR FOOD – Supercharge your taste buds! Turns sour foods such as lemons, limes, strawberries, grapefruit and many more to taste sweet without adding sugar. Try your next lemonade with richberry.

✔️ 10 FREEZE-DRIED MIRACLE BERRY HALVES – Contains 1 pack of 10 freeze-dried miracle berry halves (1g). High-quality produce organically grown and handpicked directly from our farm in the Philippines 3,740 feet above sea level. Please follow instructions prior use. 1 serving is equivalent to ½ berry which is about 0.1g in weight.

✔️ SUGAR ALTERNATIVE - Richberry satisfies the cravings for your home-made fruit dessert without the need of adding sugar. Also, try richberry with your favourite fruit smoothies or no added sugar sorbet.

✔️ 100% NATURAL – 1 serving contains 0.35 Calorie per halves. That is enough to sweeten your next refreshing drink or favourite dessert naturally. Depending on the palate, we recommend taking 1-2 servings for a long-lasting effect.

✔️ GREAT GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS – Surprise your family and friends with the magical element of a small red fruit that can turn lemon to taste like lemonade without adding sugar.

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