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Saint Ambrose Bignay Wine 750ml

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Our organic wines come from the carefully handpicked ripened chesrries of the finest Bignay selections in the cool mountain range of Barangay Artisan, San Pablo City, Laguna Philippines.


This indigenous Bignay tree (Antidesma bunius) has fruits which is similar to cranberries when unripe and Acai berries when fully ripened. The old folks use the fruits, bark, leaves and male flowers to regulate blood sugar and enhance immune system and virility.


Besides, it's exotic and flavorsome characteristics, these Bignay trees together with the otherindigenous crops and trees have started to cover the once denuded and marginal lands and brought back biodiversity of the plants, birds, animals and soil organism in the area.


The petronage of this flavorful exotic wine contributes to the livelihood of the once slash and burn farmers, education to their children and most of all the preservation and sustainability of biodiversity of the ecology for the suceeding generations.


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